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Aryana Thapliyal

Previous Internship

Economics Advisory at Deloitte Singapore

Other Campus Activities

Forte Campus @ Cornell, Cornell Bhangra, InRealTerms Newsletter

Coolest Place You've Visited

Switzerland is a favorite of mine! But the coolest place has to be Poon Hill, in Annapurna, which is a region in the Himalayas. Watching the sunrise over the snow-capped mountains was an experience to remember.

Why should someone rush PCT?

PCT is a great resource for anyone looking to explore their career interests and seeking professional and personal development. The people are also fantastic--they are ambitious, helpful, and know how to have a good time. Join us for the community!

School: Arts & Sciences
Major: Economics & Information Science
Minor: Business
Year: 2021
Industry: Consulting
Class: Zeta