Erika LaCasse

Previous Internships

McKinsey & Company
JP Morgan Wealth Management

Other Campus Activities

Varsity Swim and Dive, Cornell Finance Club, Dyson Career Advisor, Entrepreneurship at Cornell

Professional Advice

There are two ways of knowing what a job will be like. 1) Doing the job. 2) Talking to many people who do the job. So, talk to as many people as possible in your field of interest to decide whether the path you think you want to take is what you really want to explore.

Favorite Hobby

Drawing, Cake Decorating, Painting

Why rush PCT?

PCT is truly unique- we are not here to intimidate you, we are here to help you. It’s frustrating when jobs or clubs say you need experience in order to secure that job, but how do you secure it if there’s a cyclical cycle of needing experience to get the experience? We are here to give you that breakthrough. We want motivated and hard working candidates who want to learn and grow- both personally and professionally. As a new business fraternity with an entrepreneurial spirit, there are limitless opportunities to help shape the organization and leave your mark behind- you will get not only professional coaching, but also a real sense of what it is like to start a business. We want to help you get one step closer to your dream job- and if you don’t know what that job is, then one step closer into finding your passion in business.




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