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Our Story

Phi Chi Theta exists to provide professional growth to undergrads seeking careers in business, finance, and hospitality. We work under the philosophy that interests should be tailor fitted, not molded. Following this philosophy, we have developed our chapter to support the personal endeavors and growth of each brother: free of the politics and social stigma associated with traditional business fraternities.

Your future is the only asset you will ever hold that you are 100% liable for. Whether you need help prospecting career paths, or whether you seek to pursue excellence in a chosen path, we can help. Through applied training workshops and exclusive brotherhood events, Phi Chi Theta prepares its members in the financial, investment, hospitality, and entrepreneurial industries.


Lastly, it should be said that we operate under the same successful mantra of Cornell- "Any person, any study". Bring us your interests and we will jump-start your knowledge through workshops, alum connections, and one-on-one mentorship. We seek to compose each of our member classes with motivated, passionate, and coachable brothers. We don't expect anyone to be a master in their respective career aspirations; such a standard would defeat the purpose of professional business fraternities altogether. Instead, we seek brothers who are driven, who are willing to chase their ideas beyond brainstorming, and who will not settle for uninteresting work.

How We Differ

How we operate is different from the norm in two essential ways.


Firstly, we pride ourselves on being conflict-of-interest free. While our friends may want to join PCT, our standards for qualification are not based on personal relationships. Your determination to succeed, willingness to learn, and ability to contribute to our growth are what we will judge you on. Who you know is valued less than what you know here.


Secondly, we have built PCT under the idea of continual growth. We want to grow as an organization and that means cultivating our members, new and old. We will give the tools to build your future through focusing on what we know how to do well-- how to crush interviews, land internships and jobs, professionally network, build a self-brand, and extend into the workforce with a passion for what you do. But the learning curve doesn't stop there; we're constantly bringing in guest speakers, holding professional skills workshops, and organizing brotherhood events to cultivate our fraternity. We have developed our process, events, and workshops around giving you the best tools an undergrad can have to tackle their transition from being an undergrad to a member of the workforce. 

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