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In Phi Chi Theta, you will acquire valuable skills and resources to help you navigate the professional business world with confidence after your time at Cornell. Throughout your New Member Education, you will be exposed to various areas of business, allowing you to tailor your own business interests and make a plan for your career. Finally, the connections you make through the national brotherhood and alumni network last a lifetime, getting your foot in the door in top firms across numerous industries.



While professional development is at the core of our organization, our new member education process is structured to cultivate close friendships between fellow new members and the brotherhood. PCT is a tight-knit social community that enhances the overall college experience of our brothers. From paint ball tournaments, to NYC retreats, to potlucks and socials, PCT is an organization who likes to have fun and stay connected beyond the professional realm.

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Beyond improving the lives of our members, we hope to make the world around us a better place. PCT works in partnership with the Children's Tumor Foundation, completing multiple philanthropy projects and fundraisers throughout the semester.  These projects are often a memorable bonding experience for new members, allowing us to give back to the communities in which we develop as future business leaders.



While PCT's New Member Education series will challenge you to learn and grow, your overall health and well-being is always the priority. Our goal is always to create a welcoming and understanding environment for our new members. In recognizing that being a Cornell student comes with a lot of stress and additional responsibilities, our brothers promise to work with our new members with the utmost patience, respect, and compassion. 

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Hear From Our Brothers

Aidan Look, Xi Class

The compassion my New Member Educators displayed was such a crucial part of  my growth and learning throughout my New Member Education process. The balance between social connection and professionalism really allowed my class to maximize our personal and professional development.

Kelly Feng, Nu Class

I am so grateful for the meaningful relationships I have built since joining PCT . Not only have I  met my first community at Cornell here but I have also gained valuable mentors that are always looking out for me. I attribute this to how interactive my New Member Education was and the kindness showed by the rest of the brotherhood. 

Mayumi Shaepers-Cheu,
Nu Class

I have a gained a valuable and holistic learning experience through PCT's NME process. Coming from a STEM background, the New Member Education process really gave me a comprehensive view of the business world. This has given me insight on my future career path as I was able to see which industries best suited my capabilities and interests.


Conflict-of-Interest Free

Your determination to succeed, willingness to learn, and ability to contribute to our growth are what we value in our members. Thus, our standards of qualifications are not based on personal relationships, making our recruitment process equal and fair for all potential candidates. 

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