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We are not yet accepting applications for our Fall 2022

new member class.

Recruitment FAQ

What year do I have to be to join?

We encourage all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to apply.


Is there a required GPA in order to apply?

There is no required GPA, however we recommend that you be able to handle your school work as well as give time back to the fraternity.


Can I join PCT if I am already in a social fraternity or sorority?

Yes, you can join PCT if you are also in a social fraternity or sorority.

Do I have to attend an information session or coffee chat in order to apply?

It is not required to attend an information session or coffee chat in order to register for recruitment. However, we encourage you to attend at least one because it’s an opportunity to learn important information about the fraternity as well as meet the brotherhood.


What time commitments do members of PCT have?

As a member of Phi Chi Theta, there are various fraternity workshops, corporate presentations, chapter meetings, and more every month that you may elect to attend, but these events are not mandatory. There are, however, a few mandatory events during the course of each semester, such as recruitment events, that you must attend.