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Pre-Recruitment Coffee Chats

Coffee chats are one on one meetings held in the weeks leading up to recruitment, and they are usually about 15-30 minutes long. These chats are designed for prospective new members to get to know a member of Phi Chi Theta and ask any questions about recruitment, the organization, or your particular business interests. Business attire is not required or expected. These chats are not evaluated and are 100% optional.

Helpful tips for having a great coffee chat:

  • To schedule a coffee chat, please reach out via the coffee chat request form on our home page or a specific brother's Cornell email. Reaching out via other methods such as Instagram DM, LinkedIn, or text message is not standard. 

  • Show up on time!

  • Come with questions about PCT! Read through our website and think of any questions you may have about our recruitment season or what it is like to be a brother.

  • Come knowing a bit of background about the person you are chatting! On the Brotherhood Page of our website, you can read about each brother and their interests. These can be helpful conversation starters.

  • Be ready to share a bit about yourself! We would love to get to know you.

  • Stay professional! Avoid topics such as relationships/sex life, drugs, and alcohol, and try to avoid unprofessional language such as swear words.

  • Please let the brother know in advance if you need to reschedule! 

  • If a brother does not show up to a scheduled coffee chat, please reach out to them via email. If there is no response, please contact one of the recruitment chairs. 

  • When in doubt, ask! We do not expect beautifully written emails from prospective new members - we help you acquire those skills throughout new member education. If you have any questions or would like a template of a coffee chat request email, please reach out to our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Chair.

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